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GhostLogs: Edit-Mode for Smart Contracts

With GhostLogs, you can retroactively and permissionlessly modify existing smart contracts to add custom, gasless events and new view functions.

Ghostlogs runs in an offchain context

When you add custom, gasless events to a smart contract with GhostLogs, they are emitted in an offchain context while still able to read onchain state. That means they are verifiable while incurring no onchain fees

Key Features

  • Inject custom, gasless events into existing smart contracts with the GhostLogs in-browser IDE
  • Seamlessly rerun historical transactions with your custom modifications to emit your new events (backfilling)
  • Spin up a GhostFork RPC endpoint that tracks the upstream chain while using your modified contracts to emit new gasless events and expose new view functions
  • Export data to third-parties like Dune Analytics or query directly from Flipside using LiveQuery

Why GhostLogs?

  1. If you're developing a new protocol you can now emit non-critical event logs in offchain mode with platforms like GhostLogs. This means that users do not have to pay extra gas fees to emit events since they are running in an isolated, but verifiable offchain fork.
  2. If you're analyzing a set of contracts or building an indexer and the contracts did not emit the necessary events, you can retroactively add exactly the events you need to surface state and state changes at any level of detail with GhostLogs. Spend less time fighting with low-level traces, so you can concentrate on analysis instead of data munging.

GhostLogs provides:

  • Support for Ethereum and Base
  • GhostRPC and WebSocket endpoints so you can subscribe to custom gasless events in real-time
  • Event decoding and export to third-parties such as Dune and Flipside

Private Beta Sign Up

To join the private beta of GhostLogs, visit to sign up. We're sending out invites on a rolling basis. Once you are whitelisted, see Getting Started to set up a ghost fork.

Export to Third-Party Analytics Platforms

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